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Injection Molding for the Furniture industry

Sonesson Inredningar is one of Europe’s leading companies within the locker industry, producing lockers made of steel and other interior furnishings/equipment for the storage of personal items. Tojos Plast helps Sonesson to develop larger plastic parts to replace parts previously made of sheet metal for their lockers. The injection molding takes place using our largest injection molding machine: Engel 500 tons.


The injection molding is monitored by our injection molding engineer Per Möllebäck. 


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Tojos Plast to Receive Environmental Certification

Tojos Plast is working hard to become environmentally certified in accordance with ISO 14001. The goal is for the certification to be achieved by the end of 2011. Essential environmental aspects we are focusing on include electricity consumption and waste disposal.

ISO 14001 is an environmental management system providing tools for companies and organizations to work with environmental aspects and the environmental performance of products and services in a structured way, in order to create a competitive advantage, streamline operations and maintain solid long term business relationships.



Tojos Plast participated as an exhibitor at the trade show Plastteknik 2011. 
The show gathered leading suppliers to the plastics industry in Malmö and the surrounding areas.

Tojos Plast enjoyed a successful trade show with many visitors and some good conversations.

Many thanks and see you again soon!

Tojos Invests in a Sanitary Room

Tojos has now installed a sanitary room in one part of the existing factory. It is a separate room requiring hairnets, lab coats and no jewelry. The sanitary room houses three pieces of injection molding equipment with a clamping force of 25, 75 and 100 tons. The room currently covers 100 square meters, but it is possible to extend the space up to 300 square meters.

New Staff

Anna Jonsson

Head of Shifts, Injection Molding

Anna comes from Hammarplast, where she worked as an operator.

Anna’s experience will further strengthen our expertise on the production side.

Tojos Plast participated as an exhibitor at the trade show Plastteknik Öresund.
The show gathered leading suppliers to the plastics industry in Malmö and the surrounding areas. Tojos Plast enjoyed a successful trade show with many visitors and some good conversations. We would like to thank all our visitors and already look forward to next year’s Plastteknik trade show at Malmö Arena.

Many thanks and see you again in 2011!

Sweden Makes the Cheapest Plastics

It is cheaper to manufacture plastic parts in Sweden than it is in low cost countries such as China, Russia and Romania. This is the conclusion drawn by The Swedish Trade Council after comparing the total costs of five different parts.

“Logistics costs in many cases contribute to making the total cost more expensive than in Sweden” says Karl Hedberg at the Swedish Trade Council.
“Buying parts from low cost countries is not always the better option. You often get what you pay for” Karl Hedberg states. He is a Senior Project Manager at the Swedish Trade Council.
“Everyone wants to reduce their purchase costs and turn to so called low cost countries in the hopes of paying a lower total cost for the part. But this is not always the case” Karl Hedberg says and continues that Sweden is actually one of the most honest and friendliest countries to do business with. Not to mention the accuracy and quality that Swedish companies prioritize.
“It is impossible to just look at the wage costs in each country. Equally important are elements such as productivity and quality, and in particular additional costs that can arise” says Karl Hedberg.

In a report recently published by the Swedish Trade Council a comparison was made: the total costs of five parts made in Sweden were compared with what it would cost to have them manufactured in China, Romania and Russia. The object was to investigate whether it is indeed profitable to choose a low cost country. The results show that, in total, options can be found with regard to three of the five investigated parts.

The greatest differences in costs compared to Sweden were found in wiring and electronics. However, if you want to manufacture plastic parts then Sweden is the best option.
“The total cost of manufacturing the plastic part abroad and delivering it to Sweden is very high. China has the lowest cost of the three markets but it is still fifty percent higher than the total cost in Sweden.”

( 2009-11-13)

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Thank you to all our visitors at the industrial trade show EuroExpo in Malmö, 7-8 October. We presented a selection of what we manufacture and what we can offer new and existing customers. We had many interesting visitors and enjoyable conversations.

We look forward to hearing from you again.

New Injection Molding Machine – Larger Parts

Tojos Plast manufactures plastic parts by injection molding and now continues to invest, this time in injection molding equipment, the brand is Engel. This investment is a new milestone in the history of Tojos Plast. The clamping force is a full 500 tons which means we are now able to injection-mold plastic parts twice the size as before, up to 2.5 kilograms.

The injection molding machine is also equipped with a 3-shaft full servo robot. We are now able to manufacture larger parts for our new and existing customers. Production is already underway and our three shifts give us a much greater capacity.

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